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i’m crying oh gosh

TUMBLR PROF ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are trans or nonbinary and you are in the same situation as the student above, email your professors before class starts. I understand that it might be uncomfortable, but generally professors are absolutely happy to accommodate you. I know I always will be!

If your professor does not respond positively, contact the Dean or the campus LGBT+ resource center with a copy of the email and show them that you are concerned about gender discrimination in the classroom. 

Also this is a link to the template I used to write this email, and I’ve seen another similar template going around, and this was extremely helpful.

Also, if a professor disagrees with your email/request and continues to aggressively misgender you… Go to some authority! Especially if your school has a non discrimination clause that guarantees your safety!

I cannot tell you how horrifying it is, how distracting it is, to be constantly misgendered. I made the mistake of not reporting transphobic professors and have sense heard similar complaints from my peers.

Find faculty to talk to, tell them exactly what is happening, and if it continues, take action. Even if it is “just a name/just pronouns,” you deserve respect. I failed classes for this sort of thing, and I don’t want anyone to follow in my shoes.


There are kind Slytherins.image

There are brave Hufflepuffs.image

There are some stupid Ravenclaws.

There are twisted Gryffindors.

Your House doesn’t define you.

And please, the next time you’re about to tease someone for being a lowly Hufflepuff, or a slimy Slytherin, or a stuck up Ravenclaw or even a foolish Gryffindor, just remember that we are all Hogwarts students. We’re all part of the magic.


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I was going over my Instagram and I saw this post. I can pinpoint the very first time I’ve watched “Frozen” and fell in love. It’s funny how I said, “First ten minutes of this movie and I’ve already cried” because seven months later, I’m still absolutely in love with this film and these characters and I sometimes still tear up when I see the scenes that broke my heart the first time I’ve watched it. 30 weeks later, I’m still in awe. I guess I just can’t…let it go. Whoops.

It’s been 6 months since I first watched Frozen. I watched the movie A LOT in the first couple of months. I’m still more or less in the fandom and Elsa and Anna (Kristoff, Olaf, Sven and even Hans too) have a special place in my heart. Though, the last time I’ve watched the movie was between late May and early June. Unlike you I guess I just let it go and realising that makes me want to watch the movie again. And so the circle is complete.

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